Hey, New York and Connecticut, what’s on your floor? Hardwood Flooring

There must be a thousand flooring stores around our larger community, so what distinguishes All Hardwood Floors from all others? We care about you, the customer. Our goal is not just to sell you a floor and then disappear out of your life; we want to make you a customer for life; we want to build the kind of relationship with you such that you will recommend us to your family, friends, and co-workers. We won’t treat you as a number.

So, what’s the big deal about hardwood flooring?

If you are asking that question, you haven’t been to our showroom lately. We have a wide array of products that will knock your socks off. True, we carry traditional flooring like oak and pine, but we also carry exotic products like Brazilian cherry, kupay, acacia.

If you want a continental wood with more curl and depth to the grain patterns, you might also consider hickory or walnut as your flooring choice; or maple if you want that flair that comes from Canada to our north. Another option in flooring is bamboo. You must make a point of giving us a call to introduce you to some of these products and designs.

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But why hardwood?

Wood floors provide a look that can either be classy or rustic or both all at once. It carries a long history and tradition of being used in homes and provides a strong wear-layer, meaning that it will look beautiful for many years even with the wear and tear that comes from an active family. And, if it ever becomes damaged or heavily worn, you can call us back and have us repair and refinish your flooring.

What about below-grade rooms in my house?

Traditional products can indeed be affected in higher moisture regions are not suited well to be installed as a floating floor over concrete. Yet, that is no problem with engineered wood flooring. These planks are built on a moisture-resistant base and can be installed below-grade as a floating or glued down flooring. What is even more remarkable is that these products are designed out of the same materials as traditional wood, which means you can mix and match engineered wood flooring with what you install in other rooms of your home.

If you are looking for a hardwood floor and wonder where you should go to look, or perhaps, the places you have looked have been rather short on the friendly side, give us a call at All Hardwood Floors. We have showrooms in Norwalk, CT & Westchester County, NY serving all Connecticut and Westchester County, NY. We have served customers in Norwalk, CT, Westchester County, NY, White Plains, NY, Stamford, CT, New Haven, CT, Bridgeport, CT, Hartford, CT, New Rochelle, NY, Danbury, CT, Yonkers, NY, and more; we’d love to serve you as well. Make it your resolution to give us a call; you will enjoy getting to know us and seeing what we offer in hardwood flooring.