Want a universal floor? Wood-look? Tile-look? Luxury vinyl flooring

There are times when you need flooring that is attractive yet durable and won’t break the budget. There are also times when you want a floor placed in any room in your home. In times like these (and others!), luxury vinyl flooring is always a great way to go.

An attractive floor

What you have in luxury vinyl is flooring that imitates either hardwood or tile. Vinyl plank flooring is designed to replicate real wood's look and texture right down to its grain pattern. The planks come in varying widths, as do many hardwood types, and the varying widths can even be laid in alternating rows to give a mixed-width look. You can place these planks at angles and even create a pattern or a design. Anything you can do with hardwood can be replicated with this plank flooring.

LVT flooring, or vinyl tile flooring, is designed to imitate the look of ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles right down to the shape, texture, and grout-lines. There are even some LVT products that are designed so that you can grout them, increasing the realism of this flooring. In the case of either floor style, your guests likely will never know that they are walking on vinyl unless you tell them.

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A durable floor

Luxury vinyl is designed to be lived on, not just looked at. No matter how active your family, how many family members you have, and no matter how many four-legged family members reside in your home, this flooring will stand up to regular use. It’s wear-layer will resist scuffing and scratching. Still, even if there happens to be an accident where the luxury vinyl flooring is scratched, in most cases, the scratch will naturally blend into the grain pattern or texture of the floor material. Also, this flooring is waterproof, and cleanup is a breeze.

An affordable floor

While there are many different grades of luxury vinyl flooring, they are priced not to break the bank. This allows you to have them installed in any or all rooms in your house to give an all-over look. If budget is a prime factor in your decision, please let our sales associates know; they will walk you through options that will work for you and not try to up-sell you a product you cannot afford. For us, building a relationship with you is more important than the sale itself.

If you are looking for luxury vinyl flooring, look no further. At All Hardwood Floors, we offer a wide selection of options that will fit your every need. Give us a call; we are sure that we have something that you will love. For your convenience, we have showrooms in Norwalk, CT & Westchester County, NY serving all Connecticut and Westchester County, NY. We have helped homeowners in Norwalk, CT, Westchester County, NY, White Plains, NY, Stamford, CT, New Haven, CT, Bridgeport, CT, Hartford, CT, New Rochelle, NY, Danbury, CT, Yonkers, NY, and more. We would love to serve you and offer you a free luxury vinyl flooring quote.