Andy's Hardwood and Vinyl Floor Cleaner


Andy's Hardwood and Vinyl Floor Cleaner keeps your floors beautiful

To ensure the best possible care for your hardwood and laminate floors, we recommend our floor cleaner product together with these maintenance tips. Our Hardwood & Luxury Vinyl Floor cleaner leaves no residue, extracts dirt and grime, is safe for family and pets, is easy to use, just spray and mop/wipe. To order a bottle/refill, please email us.

Maintenance instruction essentials

Sweep or dust mop

Vacuum using the bare floor setting. Clean with Andy's brand or other recommended cleaners (Bona® Hardwood floor Cleaner, Method® Squirt + Mop Wood Floor Cleaner or Babyganics® floor cleaner concentrate) to help keep your floors fresh and new.

Deep clean using a power scrubber system. We offer a deep cleaning system with special scrub and extraction of dirt that has become embedded into the grain of the wood. Call us for details.

Every 3 to 5 years
Get a maintenance coat (possibly sooner depending on the finish system and the floor traffic); this is called a screening — it is a very light sand and one coat of polyurethane. This will take out light scratches, smooth out your surface and add sheen luster back in your hardwood Floors. This a a good investment to help add a protective wear level to the floors.

Every 7 to 10 years
Sand and refinish (again, the length of time depends on the floor, the finish, and the floor traffic).

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