Why You Should Care About the VOC Level of Your Floor Finish

Why You Should Care About the VOC Level?

When it comes to your hardwood floors, the choice of finish is a critical decision. While you may prioritize factors like durability and appearance, there’s another aspect that deserves your attention: polyurethane VOC levels in your floor finish. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are chemicals present in many floor finishes that can have far-reaching effects on indoor air quality, health, and the environment. We serve Norwalk, CT, and Tarrytown, NY, and believe it’s essential to understand why you should care about the polyurethane VOC levels in your floor finish.

Defining Polyurethane VOC:

Polyurethane VOC 
refers to the concentration of Volatile Organic Compounds found in polyurethane-based floor finishes. These compounds can evaporate into the air, leading to potential health issues when inhaled. Common VOCs found in floor finishes include formaldehyde, toluene, and benzene.

The Significance of Low Polyurethane VOC Levels:

Improved Indoor Air Quality:

High polyurethane VOC levels
 in floor finishes can significantly impact indoor air quality. These compounds can emit odors and irritants, potentially causing respiratory problems and allergies. Opting for low polyurethane VOC finishes helps maintain healthier indoor air.

Health Benefits:

Selecting floor finishes with low polyurethane VOC levels can reduce the risk of health problems, particularly for individuals with asthma, allergies, or chemical sensitivities. It creates a safer and more comfortable living or working environment.

Environmental Responsibility:

High VOC floor finishes can contribute to outdoor air pollution, smog formation, and environmental harm. Choosing low polyurethane VOC floor finishes is an environmentally responsible choice that mitigates these negative impacts.

Compliance with Regulations:

Many regions, including Norwalk, CT, and Tarrytown, NY, have established regulations governing the VOC levels in floor finishes. Opting for low polyurethane VOC products ensures compliance with local laws and regulations.

Reduced Off-Gassing:

Low polyurethane VOC floor 
finishes produce fewer off-gassing emissions, which is especially important in newly constructed or renovated spaces. These finishes allow for quicker re-entry into the area without exposing occupants to harmful fumes.

Taking Informed Action:

Consult Flooring Experts:

When choosing floor finishes, consult with the experts at All Hardwood Floors in Norwalk, CT, and Tarrytown, NY. Our team can help you select products with low polyurethane VOC levels that align with your design and performance preferences.

Check Labels and Certifications:

Look for floor finish products that have been certified as low VOC by reputable organizations. Such certification ensures that the product meets stringent VOC emission standards.

Ensure Adequate Ventilation:

During and after floor finish installation, ensure proper ventilation to help disperse VOCs more quickly. Allowing the floor to cure thoroughly before use can also minimize off-gassing.

The Crucial Importance of Monitoring Polyurethane VOC Levels in Your Floor Finish

Polyurethane VOC levels in floor finishes may not always be top of mind when choosing flooring materials. Still, they should be. Their impact on indoor air quality, health, and the environment is significant. By opting for floor finishes with low polyurethane VOC levels, you create a healthier and more sustainable space, comply with regulations, and prioritize the well-being of your family or occupants.

Ready to make an informed choice about your floor finish? Contact us today for expert guidance on low polyurethane VOC options that suit your Norwalk, CT, or Tarrytown, NY, home or business.


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