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All Hardwood Floors is Connecticut & New York's 5-star rated flooring expert!

Hardwood flooring restoration


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Bring back the shine

Floor restoration and maintenance is our specialty and passion. A clean floor improves the overall appearance of any room and promotes a sense of well-being. As the founder and operator of Restore My Floors, LLC, my promise to you is a clean, beautiful looking floor, for both, residential and commercial flooring.

If you have started to notice that your flooring is in need of a deep scrub-like clean, give us a call today.

Save money and precious time!

We make floors shine

Our state-of-the-art revolutionary system for restoring hardwood floors is unlike any other in the industry. Gentle enough to prevent damage to your hardwood floor yet powerful enough to deliver a deep clean with safe, neutral ph formula that will not harm the finish of your floor.

  • Protective sheen result helps to preserve and protect.
  • Instant drying prevents absorption by the floor.
  • Shine and luster that lasts up to 6 months.
A clean, shiny tile floor can be a challenge to maintain with traditional methods. Most homes are not equipped to properly care for flooring. Hiring professional crews with heavy-duty equipment has always been intrusive and very expensive... Until now. With our compact yet very powerful system, we can bring any tile floor back to life. Our gentle, effective scrubbers are tough on dirt and easy on your tiles & grout lines.

  • Light, compact. We can reach some of the smallest areas.
  • Most efficient system available today.
  • All non-carpet floors.

The perfect solution for your business and rental properties. We bring our own power, our own chemicals and produce incredible results in a fraction of the time when compared against traditional methods. Free estimates and customizable plans are always available.

  • Reduce costs. Our rates are lower than the competition.
  • Better performance. More than a mop, faster than commercial systems.
  • Sign up for our routine maintenance package and save even more.

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Clean... Oh, so very clean floors

Vacuums pick up some debris. Most vacuums take that debris and spit out smaller debris throughout the air. Mops move dirt around, trapping some of it into the fabric of the mop which then is placed on another area of the floor, spreading the new and old debris. Our system is a revolutionary new system that truly extracts debris from pores of the floor, washing and immediately drying the floor, in one simple step. Left behind is simply nothing. That is clean.
Hardwood Flooring Restoration in Norwalk, CT area from All Hardwood Floors

Beautiful shiny floors

Wow! So shiny! So clean! Your friends will think you slaved over your floor. Your mop cannot replicate the power of our revolutionary floor cleaning system. The floor takes abuse all day every day. Scuff marks and embedded debris are unavoidable, but they don't need to be permanent. Our most valuable commodity is time. Every day you trade your time for something. Do you really want to trade your time for cleaning a floor? Call us today for a quick thorough cleaning. The time you save is better spent with loved ones.

Residential floor restoration & maintenance

House maintenance is an ongoing struggle for every parent and hard-working professional. Floor cleaning poses additional challenges - efficiency, safety and results often fall short in any household. Our revolutionary system delivers incredibly fast, safe and effective results that will leave you plenty of time to enjoy those precious moments with friends, family, or just the much-needed relaxation.