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How do I maintain my hardwood floors?

I recommend the following simple maintenance tips to all my clients:

1. Leave the work boots and high heels outside, as they can really dig in and are harmful to hardwood.

Use rugs or mats at the door.

Clean your hardwood regularly, especially the foyer, which should be cleaned a couple of times each week.

Avoid excessive water, such as a mop and bucket, because too much moisture can be harmful.

Consider using damp, microfiber mops and warm water (not hot) together with floor cleaner specifically designed for hardwood floors – we like Bona hardwood cleaners and restorers.

Regular restorative deep cleaning every 12-18 months can protect and extend your floor’s life.

Will humidity ruin my hardwood floor?

Moisture and water are the enemies of hardwood floors. It’s important to keep your home at a constant humidity level. For areas of your home that are regularly exposed to moisture (e.g. basements), we recommend engineered hardwoods as they are designed to absorb moisture emitted from basements, concrete etc. and are designed to avoid buckling or warping.